Cheese Basics

Cheese can be pretty intimidating. It was not long ago that I was walking down the cheese aisle of my grocery store and didn't know a cheddar from a chevre.

The good news is that I have started to compile some of my most useful learnings and have portioned them in bite sized articles. You can use these pages as a reference for the next time you buy cheese or entertain.

The different types of cheese

Ever wonder what is meant by semi-soft vs firm cheese? What about a washed rind or bloomy rind cheese? Learn all about the 7 different types of cheese here.
The different types of cheese

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How to store cheese

If you don't store cheese properly, it can cause negative affects, anywhere from decreased shelf life, to cross contaminated smells and flavors.
All you ever wanted to know about cheese storage

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How get into cheese making

Cheese making is the new homebrewing. Don't you want to make and eat your own cheese at home? This article will give you some direction on how to begin.
Cheese making: A guide for beginners


Cheese making

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