Fresh Crottin from Montchevrè

Pronounced /KROH-tan/, this French cheese is made from goat’s milk. Crottin is basically the French version of caprino, an Italian fresh goat’s milk cheese; and, is actually very similar to Bijou—another French cheese—likely because they are essentially the same. The only difference is that Bijou is aged. Also, Bijou means “Jewel” in French … and, […]

Truffle Tremor from Cypress Grove

I am excited to talk about the next cheese, it actually comes recommended to me by one of my fans (see below). Truffle Tremor comes to us from Cypress Grove Chevre, Arcata, CA. It is a ripened pasteurized goat’s milk cheese. It looks pretty typical from the outside, but as you might infer from the […]


Kozlar is a semi-hard goat’s milk cheese. The milk comes from local goats and goats from the straights of Kotar in Croatia. Talking about the taste, I’m going to start our with: The taste and smell are both mild. That being said, the “goatiness” is not overpowering, as it were. Only very little goat taste […]

Overseas cheese: Innes Log

Yes, yes; I’m back from jolly old England. As much as I wanted to go to a million cheese shops, I only had time, and—to be perfectly honest—money, to only really visit and try some cheese at Neal’s Yard Dairy. The cheesemonger at Neal’s recommended that I tried some Innes cheese. The log, at the […]


Cappelletta is a tre latte (three milk) mixed-milk cheese. You got it: buy one get two free! Believe it or not, it’s an unpressed robiola from the famous Piedmont region of Italy. The Piedmont region, which includes a total of eight provinces (Torino, Cuneo, Asti, Alessandria, Vercelli, Biella, Novara, and Verbanio-Cusio-Ossola), is home to many […]

La Tur

La Tur is an Italian bloomy rind cheese. Pasteurized goat, sheep and cow milk combination cheese. Being an unholy mix of different animal milk, naturally it smells quite foul—but not at all by goat cheese standards. The rind is soft and buttery; it is similar to Boucheron cheese, in that the rind is soft and […]