Mozzarella: Make your own at home

Ever want to make your own cheese? Mozzarella is one of the easiest cheeses to make and often one of the first cheeses that novices will venture to make at home. Below you’ll find a really easy mozzarella recipe to start you off on your path to cheesemaker. What you will need If you’re going […]

How to cut cheese

Have you ever bought cheese for an event later in the day and then suddenly thought, “My friends are going to judge me if I don’t cut this cheese the right way?” I do it ALL the time. luckily, there are easy rules to remember when you’re about to slice that curd.

Five weekends at Murray’s Cheese Bar

I’m not sure how it happened— but, I ended up spending the past 5 weekends at Murray’s Cheese Bar. It started as just enthusiasm for a great place and then turned into a quest for mayorship on Foursquare. I have written about my experience having the cheesemonger’s choice at the beginning of this year. But, […]