Is cheese really addictive?

We all love cheese. But are we being compromised by altered brain chemistry? Is my cheesemonger some scarier version of Walter White?

Well, there was an interesting article that came out which talked about a study as to why some foods are more addictive than others and you'd be surprised by some of the findings. That article likened cheese to crack, in terms of being addictive.

Cheese was identified as being particularly addictive because the protein in cheese, casein, when digested, releases opiates called casomorphins. This chemical affects your dopamine receptors and creates a calming effect like that of heroin or morphine — and, similarly, is addictive.

Of course, cheese isn't quite like crack, in many respects; but, you definitely should not eat more than is right for you (supposedly 1.5 ounces). In a follow up piece you'll see that the study wasn't exactly based on human consumption behavior; and, although it is addictive, if you haven't been in cheese withdrawal, it's probably not something you should worry about.