Pouring wine without removing the cork

This afternoon, I was at the Brooklyn Winery in Red Hook and saw the staff using an incredibly fancy gas injection system to pour their wine. Needless to say, I was intrigued. I’ve seen so many different systems to take the corks out of bottles, but never anything that is designed to leave the cork […]

How to remove the broken cork from wine

As terrifyingly frightening as it is to get cork in your wine, it happens—usually with those expensive bottles of wine that you’ve been holding onto for that special occasion. So, why does this happen? Broken corks are, more often than not, caused by clumsy wine opening. Maybe your aim is bad, or it’s your first […]

John drinks wine, also

From my last post, you could probably tell that I have started to venture out into the world of wine. ¬†For now I don’t think I will really review wine, as seems to be a very complicated activity. ¬†However, I will, much like how I have been doing with cheese, offer my “two cents” and […]