Mozzarella: Make your own at home

Ever want to make your own cheese? Mozzarella is one of the easiest cheeses to make and often one of the first cheeses that novices will venture to make at home. Below you’ll find a really easy mozzarella recipe to start you off on your path to cheesemaker. What you will need If you’re going […]


Chaumes- smooth and creamy. Tastes more or less like Brie but the texture is more rubbery. They say its supposed to smell like old socks but I didn’t really get that, maybe because I eat so much cheese. Nifty fact: “chaumes” means “stubble” in French.

Rambol Fumé

Rambol Fumé (Smoked Rambol): creamy, smokey flavor. Supposedly it’s gruyère-like but I don’t see it. My advice: keep it on the cheese board. It’s spreadable so get your crackers out of the cupboard—preferably something with peppercorns because smokey goes well with spicy. Fondue would also be permissible with vegetables (e.g. peppers).


Hard cheese, sweet but slightly salty. Mild flavor somewhere in between a “Swiss cheese” and Parmesan. From my research, Gruyère is ideal for baking so I made a quiche, into which I also threw the Fontinella and some ham so that was really tasty. And the cheese is really stringy. But, alas you can use […]

Holland Arina Goat Gouda

Holland Arina Goat Gouda: goat cheese really isn’t my cup of tea (or rather block of cheese) but I found that eating it with something sweet really makes it taste better. So, I ate it with some raspberry preserves—it was pretty good. Semi-solid cheese. the goat cheese sour taste/smell is there for sure, but is […]

Bucheron Goat Cheese

Bucheron goat cheese- soft semi-firm texture. Dry crumbly texture in the middle and softer toward the rind. The usual tangy goat cheese flavor with a little bit of that ammonia Brie flavor we’ve grown to love. It would be good with something sweet like grapes. I can’t afford grapes tho, so— oh well.