How to cut cheese

Have you ever bought cheese for an event later in the day and then suddenly thought, “My friends are going to judge me if I don’t cut this cheese the right way?” I do it ALL the time. luckily, there are easy rules to remember when you’re about to slice that curd.

Baked Camembert: a really easy recipe

Probably one the the easiest and tastiest cheese recipes out there is a baked Camembert. Camembert and its cousin Brie, are absolutely ideal for baking because the cheese melts so well. And, let’s face it–everyone loves melted cheese. The following is a Camembert recipe that I adapted from Jamie Oliver; but you can change or […]

Six healthy ways to snack on cheese

I used to not believe in the existence of healthy snacks because “healthy” and “snacks” are complete opposites. Otherwise my mom would let me eat more snacks. Snacking in my family is like committing a crime because the older generation’s understanding of snacks is chips and cookies. Well, they are not completely wrong but there […]

How to remove the broken cork from wine

As terrifyingly frightening as it is to get cork in your wine, it happens—usually with those expensive bottles of wine that you’ve been holding onto for that special occasion. So, why does this happen? Broken corks are, more often than not, caused by clumsy wine opening. Maybe your aim is bad, or it’s your first […]