Fondue: The Complete Guide

What is fondue? Chances are, you’ve heard of fondue before. Most people immediately think of cheese or chocolate fondue; and although fondue has strong Swiss and French origins, the term fondue may refer to any type of meal where a group of people sit around a communal pot and dip food in some kind of […]

How to cut cheese

Have you ever bought cheese for an event later in the day and then suddenly thought, “My friends are going to judge me if I don’t cut this cheese the right way?” I do it ALL the time. luckily, there are easy rules to remember when you’re about to slice that curd.

Rennet: What you need to know

Clothbound Cheddar – Rennet by Rebecca Siegel What is rennet? Rennet separates curds from whey. If you didn’t know already, this is the most important process in cheese making. Once the whey is separated from the curds, the curds are processed (either by stretching, cheddaring, washing, etc.), and then ripened in order to create what […]