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Whiskey and cheese tasting

If you're a human over the age of 18 you have probably heard of or tried pairing wine and cheese. However, you're not limited to just pairing wine and cheese, you can also pair cheese with other alcoholic drinks like beer and whiskey.

I was pleased to find this blog post by Lucy Hoffman of Life and Cheese about her experience pairing cheese with whiskey.

Something happens when you swirl a sip of fine single malt whiskey over a mouthful of good strong cheese. The fire-water alcohol is softened as the cheese provides a magic carpet to deliver whiskey’s subtle crafted flavours.


My advice is to start with the lightest cheese and whiskey, take a sniff and wet your whistle with a little taste. Then eat a bit of the cheese, trying to keep it on your palette, then take another sip to get a sense of the two flavours together.

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Stichelton and Laphroaig – peaky and misty and beguiling by Lucy Hoffman