Robiola Oro

Robiola Oro is an Italian, pasteurized cow’s milk cheese. It is very creamy and intensely rich. If you have been following this blog, you will notice that this is not the first robiola that I have tried; a while ago, I tasted Robiola Bosina, which is a mixed-milk robiola with cow’s milk and sheep’s milk. The main, and most notable difference is the smell—cow’s milk cheeses smell a lot milder than sheep or goat’s cheese varieties. Also, sheep and goats milk tend to make the cheese heavier in consistency, so generally, cow’s milk cheeses are very creamy—as opposed to mixed milk varieties.

Cheese, baguette, tomatoes, and chardonnay
Cheese, baguette, tomatoes, and chardonnay

Here’s how it went down: cheese block, baguette, tomatoes, and a bottle of chardonnay. I’m going to sound like a cretan, but “it dun tasted pretty good.” It worked well with the cheese, both the wine and cheese having mild flavors. The cheese coupled with the sliced tomato and wine was very refreshing.

Robiola Oro on bread
Robiola Oro on bread. For those of you who are just completely clueless: you take the cheese and spread it ever so gingerly across the baguette. You can add a sliced tomato, as I did, or perhaps even some roasted eggplant, if you were looking for a more savory snack.