John drinks wine, also

Wine bottles

From my last post, you could probably tell that I have started to venture out into the world of wine.  For now I don’t think I will really review wine, as seems to be a very complicated activity.  However, I will, much like how I have been doing with cheese, offer my “two cents” and tell you which brands I think taste good.  As you might expect, I am more interested at the moment with pairing wine and cheese.

I found this nifty chart on Trader Joes that gives a very basic visualization of cheese/wine pairings.  So, I went out and bought every wine on that list and now have quite a large reserve (see above visual).

Meet Alexander.  Alexander is a metal wine rack i bought at Target, very inexpensively with free shipping and a $5 off home goods promo code.  He is going to help me with my new adventures in wine and cheese pairing. 

My wine rack, Alexander

I actually found him for even cheaper on Amazon just now—here’s the link: Oenophilia Alexander 40-Bottle Cellar Wine Rack. Also, it comes in different sizes—anywhere from 12 to 60 bottles. Having it been only a couple hours since I set it up, it’s been pretty good so far. Set up was really easy, just fold and bolt one support.  There are fasteners for drilling into the wall, but it seems to stand perfectly well on its own. Also, if you look at the picture on amazon the metal seems white or at least, metallic, but in reality it’s black—which, was actually my preference.

For more information about storing wine, take a look at the following article on wikiHow, How to Store Wine.  It also includes some interesting information about appropriate serving temperatures for various wines and even where to store your wine, so that it does not go bad.

So, let’s continue our journey with both cheese and wine in hand.  Remember that you can “Like” and leave comments directly on the posts on  And, don’t forget to “Like” my page on Facebook so you can hear about updates as they happen!