What is John Eats Cheese?

John Eats Cheese is a blog. Just about every week or so, I post pictures and interesting information about a different kind of cheese. I also try to write my thoughts about the taste and smell and just anything really that comes to mind when I'm writing. My camera is really nice so photograzers are totally welcomed and hopefully completely satisfied.

Why cheese?

Usually when I say that I have a blog where I write about tasting different cheeses, the first questions is "why?" or "why cheese?" The answer is kind of longwinded, but it basically has to do with my complete lack of knowledge and experience with regard to cheese and a simultaneous desire to improve myself to become "more worldly."

Getting noticed

Culture Cheese Mag Feature

I've had some great exposure through this web site. I've been asked to review great products, host events and have even had a few article features on the Culture Cheese Mag web site.

How can you stay up to date?

If you like what you're reading, show your support by liking my facebook page below. You can also subscribe to my RSS feed and email newsletter to have new posts delivered to your RSS feed reader or inbox.

Have your own question for me?

I love answering questions! Luckily, I'm very easy to contact. I also have a twitter presence @JohnEatsCheese, on which you may direct message me or mention me to send your questions!

Do I accept samples for review?

Yes. See my sample policy

Advertising opportunites

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